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Only My World
23 years, Indonesia
OnLy My LiFe 999
31 years, Mingechaur, Azerbaijan
only For my friends
29 years, Andizhan, Uzbekistan
わわ My life only youわわ
22 years, Samarkand, Uzbekistan
My one and only ☝🏻️
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Only Girls and my is Best friend
25 years, °• ←Ťαრ ↓ Ťαრ ท лท → Ťαრ ң६६ Ť७मң७↑Ťαრ ґΔę→♥←•°, France
OnLy For YoU My fAvoUrltE
23 years, Chkalovsk, Tajikistan
My family I live OnLy FoR yOu
33 years, Bukhara, Uzbekistan
OnLy It My OnE aNd OnLy
30 years, bruklin, Argentina
In my heart only You
26 years, Moscow, Russia
(ړײ(ړײ)My HeArT BeATs OnLy FoR yOu (ړײ)☝
Khudzhand (Aleksandriya Eskhata, Khodzhent, Leninabad), Tajikistan
23 years, Norilsk, Russia