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  • How many friends can I have?
    Odnoklassniki users can currently have up to 5,000 friends.
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    Article updated on 29.12.2015
  • What changes were made to the group regulations?
    Times and manners change, and so should the rules. Thus, we have changed the website's group content requirements and have immediately sent notifications about this to all group administrators. You can find frequently asked questions and answers about new group regulations here:
    • Why did you change the group content requirements?
    • The website's administration always looks out for its users. We have to change the group requirements to keep them fair and relevant. That's what is happening. Of course, the new requirements might take some time to get used to, but rest assured that the new regulations are superior, as they are based on your suggestions and complaints;
    • Three posts per day isn't enough for our group. What should I do?
    • Don't worry, nobody is limiting the amount of content you can post in your group. You still can add dozens of topics and photos every day. The limits only affect your promo posts. You can learn more about it here. If you never use promo posts to advertise your products and services in a group, you won't even notice any limits;
    • Can my group really be blocked for CAPITALIZATION in its topics?
    • As much as you might want to draw attention to your post, we advise against using capitalization. Huge amounts of capitalized text might annoy other users;
    • Can I publish my phone number or details to collect donations?
    • Good news! This isn't prohibited. But only if you have a dedicated topic in your group with scans of all required documents that confirm its legality. In all other cases, we're afraid, it's impossible to determine the purpose of a donation without appropriate documents, so your group may be blocked by the website's Administration as a part of our scam prevention program.
    It's great to know that you are interested in the new regulations! Please familiarize yourself with them and your group will always be OK!
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    Article updated on 29.12.2015
  • Money transfers to groups
    Money transfers to groups is a new function that let the group's members transfer funds to the group. If you maintain a business group or a charity group, you will appreciate this new opportunity. To enable money transfers:
    1. press the ""Settings"" button under the group's main photo;
    2. Choose the ""Money transfers"" option in the menu on the left;
    3. Activate transfers in the respective line in the middle of the window;
    4. ""Link"" the banking card to which funds are to be transferred;
    5. To get notifications on transfers tick the ""Notifications on transfers"" line;
    6. Save the changes.
    After the function is enabled a link to money transfers will be available to all the parts of your group under the main photo of your group. To transfer funds the group participant is to follow the link in your group, enter the amount, a comment (optional) and specify the number of the card from which the funds should be charged. The whole payment history is available in the List of Transfers section at the upper right-hand corner of the transfers page. Funds can be transferred from Russian bank cards in 18 countries. No fee for money transfers from MasterCard or Maestro cards is charged. Security and implementation of money transfers are provided by VTB24 bank. The responsibility for the group's activity and the subject of payment is borne by the group's administrator.
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    Article updated on 29.12.2016
  • Announcements section in groups
    What are Announcements and why are they needed? This section will be of use if you want to sell or buy something. How do I activate the Announcements section in my group? It's very easy!
    1. enter your group;
    2. go to the group's ""settings"" just above the main photo;
    3. now choose ""management"" in the menu on the left;
    4. find ""Announcements"" in the settings and choose one option: ""hide"" (the section will be inactive), ""show"" (the section will be active) or ""show when entering the group"" (introduce the setting when the group has at least one announcement. It enables you to make this section the welcome page of the group).
    How do I create an announcement? To create an announcement you should only switch to the ""Buy/Sell"" option when creating a new topic above and fill in the fields for description of the goods. Note:
    • it is impossible to place an announcement on behalf of a group;
    • a published announcement has the ""connect"" button for those who are interested in your offer, which will enable them to send you a message immediately.
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    Article updated on 29.12.2016
  • How can I restore access to my profile after being blocked for suspected unauthorized access?
    If your profile has been blocked because we suspect it might have been hacked:
    • enter your username and password in the log in form on the website;
    • you will be directed to a page with the information about your profile's status and with further instructions;
    • you'll be offered to enter either your phone number, or say who are your friends on some photos. Unfortunately, the check depends on the gravity of the situation, so you cannot choose how to restore your profile;
    • after you have entered the valid data (a mobile code or your friends' names), you will get access to your profile again;
    • if you still cannot get access to your profile, please contact our Customer Support Team. Everything will be OK!
    To prevent such a situation in the future, watch our special video on how to safeguard your profile here.
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    Article updated on 25.02.2017
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