How do I recover my profile if it has been deleted?

To restore your profile:

  1. Follow the "Can't log in?" link on the main page of OK or click here (this link is available for non-authorized users).
  2. Choose something about your page that you remember clearly from the options offered (phone number or e-mail address).
  3. Next, enter the required information into the special field and click "Get code."
  4. Enter the code you receive via e-mail/phone and click "Next" or "Confirm."
  5. If your profile is found, click "Yes, that's me." If it is not found, click "No, this is not my profile" and go back to step 1 of these instructions.
  6. Create and enter a new password to log in to the site.
  7. Confirm your choice by clicking "Next."

Please note that a deleted profile can be restored only if fewer than 183 days have passed since it was deleted and if it has been linked to a phone number or an e-mail address. Unfortunately, if these conditions are not met, it will be impossible to recover your profile.

However, if your profile is blocked but not deleted, you can contact the Customer Support Team and your profile may be recovered.

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