The profile can be blocked due to suspected hacking because we can detect suspicious activity in it. For example, the system may detect a login attempt from a new location, password picking, and sending messages en masse. These are only few of the reasons why the profile may be blocked in order to keep the site secure.

If your profile has been blocked because we suspect it might have been hacked:

  • enter your login details on the starting page of the site;
  • you will be directed to a page with information about your profile's status, as well as further instructions;
  • you will have to enter your phone number or select your friends from suggested photos. Unfortunately, the check depends on the gravity of the situation, so you cannot choose how to restore your profile;
  • after you have entered the correct data (SMS code or your friends' names), you will regain access to the profile;
  • if you still cannot restore the profile, please contact the Customer Support Team, and it's definitely going to be OK!

To prevent similar situations from occurring in the future, learn how to protect your profile from this article.

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