What kinds of gifts do you have?

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Gifts in OK are divided into 2 main categories: public gifts and cards. Public gifts are smaller and visible in the recipient's photos, unlike cards. In this article, we will talk about what other types of gifts are on the site, as well as how long the gift is visible in the photo.

You can send a gift to another user, as well as to yourself. A gift is displayed on a user's photo as soon as it is accepted. A message attached to a gift can only be seen by its receiver, even if the gift is public.

OK offers the following gifts:

  • "normal" gift;
  • "big" gift – a card (these gifts are not displayed on the recipient's profile picture after being accepted);
  • original gift;
  • animated gift;
  • musical gift.

The final gift cost is listed in the sending window. Any gift is displayed on the recipient's profile picture for 7 days from the moment it is accepted.

Any gift can be public, private or secret.

  • public gifts can be seen by everyone;
  • private gifts can be seen by everyone, but only the receiver knows the sender's name (they can make the gift private on acceptance);
  • secret gifts can be sent to your friends only and can be seen by everyone, but no one (even the receiver) will know who sent this gift.
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