Secret gifts in OK mean that no one knows who the sender is, even to the addressee (unlike private gifts, when only the recipient knows who sent this gift). Unfortunately for the recipient (and fortunately for the sender), it is impossible to find out who sent secret gifts on OK. If you have received a secret gift, you can only guess who it came from. On the other hand, if you use this function yourself, you can be confident that you will remain 100% anonymous.

The only way to find out who sent a secret gift on OK is to go to the "Guests" section. In this section, you can see who viewed your profile, and you can compare the time of the visit with the time the gift was received. If it matches, you may have found the sender. But it's not all that simple. Firstly, several users could view your page simultaneously. Secondly, the sender could have the invisibility mode enabled, and he could also send a gift without going to your page.

Please note that you can only send secret gifts to your friends. If someone uses the secret gift function to harass you, please consult this page.

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