If there are payment terminals in your city that accept payments to the OK website, that's great. After all, you can easily make payment using this method. Here are the instructions.

To top up your balance using a payment terminal:

  1. Select the "Service payment" section in the terminal.
  2. Select "Other services" or "Social network".
  3. Select the payment method.
  4. Click "Odnoklassniki".
  5. Enter the profile data requested by the terminal.
  6. Top up your balance.

Please note that the terminal owner charges a fee, which will be indicated on the screen and in the receipt.

You can use your phone number instead of your username only if your phone number has been verified in your profile settings. If you experience payment problems or you still haven't received OKs or paid function within 24 hours of making the payment, please contact our Customer Support Team.

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