How do I turn Invisible mode off?

Article updated

If, when having Invisible function enabled in the profile, you want your visits to be visible to other users and you no longer want to hide your presence on the site, you can turn off the Invisible mode. We have prepared instructions for you.

To turn Invisible mode off:

  1. open your profile by clicking the OK logo in the top left corner;
  2. in the list of sections under the profile picture, find Invisible mode;
  3. swipe the feature running indicator to the left

if the indicator color by the feature changes from orange to gray, this means you have turned Invisible mode off and are now visible on the website.

Please note that automatic feature extension stays on if you have enabled it before, even after turning Invisible mode off in the profile. You can unsubscribe in the Payments and subscriptions section by clicking "Unsubscribe" and confirming your decision.

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