How do I add an email address?

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Do you want to specify an e-mail address in your profile? A wonderful idea! You can receive receipts on payments in OK by mail, you can use it as a login when logging in to the website, and also, using mail, you can always restore the page in the future if you have issues when trying to log in to OK.

To register an e-mail address in your profile:

  1. click the thumbnail of your profile picture in the top right corner;
  2. select "Change settings" in the drop-down menu;
  3. select "E-mail address" from the settings list;
  4. click "not specified";
  5. in the pop-up window, enter the phone number to which the text message with code will arrive. After that you need to enter this code, then the password from your profile and e-mail address;

An e-mail will be sent to the specified address. Follow the link in the e-mail to confirm your changes.

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