What to I need to do to use the "Calls" service?

A lot of people are used to making voice and video calls via Skype. This is a service that allows users to communicate by text, voice or video if they cannot call via mobile or meet in person. OK also has this functionality, sometimes called "Skype" by force of habit. It is important to bear in mind that OK and Skype are different services, but with similar functionality. Our social network also allows you to write or call a user from your friend list, both by voice and video. This service is called "Calls".

If you want to both see and hear your friend in Calls, both of you will need web cameras. If you use the Calls service for the first time, you will have to enable access to your camera and microphone. To do this, click Enable in the window near the browser’s address bar. This option might work differently in various versions of the browser, but in the end you will see a message: Congratulations! You can now use your browser for Calls to the full extent! If something went wrong, don’t worry. The following tip may help you: if you use Chrome, type chrome://settings/content in the address bar and press Enter. Select the Microphone option in the appeared window. Make sure the “Ask before accessing” option is on: Make sure that the ok.ru address is not included in the Block list. In case it is, remove it: Repeat the same actions regarding the Camera option. Type chrome://settings/content and press Enter. Then choose the Camera option and make sure the settings are exactly the same as the ones in the Microphone option. If you use MozillaFirefox, click on the i icon left from the browser’s address bar: Click on the option mentioned below in the appeared window: Click More on the next step: Make sure Camera and Microphone options are set as shown below: If you use Opera, type opera://settings in the address bar and press Enter. Choose Sites option and make sure Camera and Microphone options are set as shown below: Launch the browser again and try to select Calls in the Messages menu. It should be OK this time!
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