How can I contact the Customer Support Team?

Article updated 12.11.2020
To contact the Customer Support Team, you need to fill out a special contact form. To do this, click here, or on the phrase ""Contact the Customer Support Team"" under the question list in any Help section. Recommendations on filling out the form:
  • choose the relevant Objective and Subject of your request, so that the Customer Support Team could quickly and thoroughly understand your issue;
  • enter your active e-mail in the ""E-mail for feedback"" field. This is very important, as it is where your answer will be sent to.
  • add detailed description of your issue or question in the special field ""Description of the issue"". The Customer Support Team will be able to find the best possible solution for you, if they have all the details on the issue.
In case you want to help your friend to contact the Customer Support Team, just click ""Get a link"" right under this article, copy the link and send it to your friend.
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