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    Information about the owner (administrator) of the website Owner (administrator) of the website, hereafter the Website - «Mail.Ru» LLC Business address - 39 Leningradsky Prospekt, Bldg 79, Moscow, 125167, Russian Federation. For your convenience, you can use the special form to create and send your request. Please be aware that in accordance with the applicable legislation you must fill in all mandatory fields, which are marked with (*). The request will be returned to the claimant if it does not contain the required information. By sending your request you guarantee the veracity of the provided information, including the required scope of powers and rights to use the specified intellectual property, and you confirm that this intellectual property was uploaded to the Website without your permission. If you have provided incorrect information, you may be held responsible for losses incurred by the Website and/or third parties, including compensation of expenses incurred by the Website during settlement of disputed issues. Your request will be automatically sent to the website owner's e-mail and processed in priority sequence of received requests. The e-mail is used solely for requests from COPYRIGHT HOLDERS who believe their intellectual property rights were infringed. Any other requests from Website users sent to this e-mail will not be processed. Fill out the form
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    Article updated on 18.11.2019
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