This might happen for two reasons:
  1. hacked users are rating your photos and posts. In this case, you can delete the disagreeable marks and enter the bad user in the Black list;
  2. unknown people are rating your content.
In the second case, you should be careful. This means that hackers have had access to your profile. To make everything OK, do the following:
  • Change the username and password to your profile;
  • We also recommend that you change the password for the associated e-mail;
  • Log out of your profile on all devices. You can learn how to do this here;
  • Update your antivirus and check your PC thoroughly;
  • Now delete content posted in your name. To do this, click the small image next to like or mark in the Events section. Then find the delete button. It may be hidden in the right top corner if it is a topic or post, or simply be located in the menu to the right under a photo;
All done. If you have followed all steps described above, you have nothing more to worry about. Additional information on how to safeguard your profile against hacking is available here. It will help you avoid similar unpleasant situations in the future, and everything will be OK!
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