How do I use the Events section?

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Here's what you need to know about Events:
  • marks, likes, new votes on your polls, as well as notifications about your content that has been shared, is displayed as they occur, as previously, i.e. the latest marks appear at the top;
  • marks are shared for viewed and unviewed content. This is very convenient: you see new items immediately on entering the section;
  • you can see the date of the rating under the name of the person providing the rating;
  • on the thumbnail in the right lower corner is a gray flag, which when pressed will display the total number of people who have rated/liked/shared this information;
  • if you click the thumbnail on the right, the photo/topic/post that received the mark will open;
  • if you move the mouse cursor to this thumbnail on the right, a small arrow appears from it. By clicking it, you will see what you can do with the mark/like/vote and the user who left them. You can only delete marks, however you can block a user who voted or user who liked content;
  • if on a single day there were several rating actions on your profile, messages about this will appear in one notification (and you cannot block all users at once). Click the arrow next to the photo of the last rated by a user, and the notification opens. Now you can block any of the users who left a rating.
All done! Now you know all the secrets of the Marks section!
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