If someone from our website, even a good friend or relative, asks you to share your phone number, there is some cause for suspicion. Your friend's profile may have been hacked. Please be cautious. Scammers use the following tactics to trick you:
  • First, they ask you for your phone number for a variety of reasons;
  • Then, they request a code to restore the password to your profile or for receiving OKs;
  • And finally, they ask you to send them this code, which you will have received via SMS.
Do not, under any circumstances, give this code to anyone! As long as you are the only person who knows this code, your profile will be secure. Go here to learn what to do to prevent your account from being compromised in case you receive a code you didn't request. If you still end up falling prey to a scam, please contact the Customer Support Team immediately and provide a full description of your issue.
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