To enter the Catalog, a group should have the following qualities:
  • Interesting and unique content:
    1. The groups' posts should not be composed of only reposts from other groups;
    2. The group should contain no links to other social networks;
    3. The group's posts should not be composed of only links to third-party websites or resources.
  • Quality of images: images with no aliasing, of high resolution and without compression;

    The content of images should be aesthetically pleasing, evoke no aversion among users and comply with the Group Content Requirements and License agreement;
  • The group should have no violations and not a single demerit point;
  • Stable posting in the group: posts should be published at least once a day;
  • Priority goes to groups having their own video channel with original content that was placed in the Video section for the first time and with no links to other video hosting services.
  • The group's name should be written in alphabetic letters of any available language without alien characters or unsuitable punctuation marks. Similarity of the group's name to coarse language or vulgarities impedes the group's inclusion into the Catalog.
If your group complies with these regulations, you can send an application for your group's inclusion into the Catalog to the Customer Support Team. In case of a positive or negative decision you will get a notification on the e-mail address specified in your application.
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