Creating group content

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Group feed The group news feed must contain up-to-date news about the ward: current health, stage of recovery etc.
  • Mandatory group topics:
    1. Reason for the collection. The reason must be described in a separate topic and include descriptions of the start of the condition and/or cause for collection, photos of the ward and details for donations, and must be pinned in the group news feed;
    2. Reports about collected funds (see full description in Reporting collected funds);
    3. I helped. (see full description in Reporting collected funds);
    4. Expenses report. (see full description in Reporting collected funds);
  • Mandatory group albums
    1. The ward. An album containing 4-5 photos of the ward the funds are being collected for;
    2. Medical documents. An album for posting the ward's medical documents;
    3. Details for donations. An album with images of details for donations;
    4. Reports on collected funds. An album for posting images confirming gathering of funds;
    5. I helped. An album for images confirming funds transfers by users;
    6. Expenses report. An album for documents confirming spending of the collected funds;
  • If the collection is towards food and/or travel, please specify the exact goal and costs of products and services.
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