Creating a group

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  • Group name
    1. The group name must include the Name and Surname of the ward and aim of collection. For example, "John Doe, collecting money for curing eye cancer";
    2. If the collection is for curing an animal, specify the animal species, name and aim of collection. For example, "Max the dog, raising funds for treating back legs";
    3. The name may not include: words in capital letters only, exclamation marks, other words and symbols aggressively attracting attention and calling to action.
  • Group description
  • Please specify:
    1. Name, surname and age of the benefactor;
    2. If the collection is for an animal, specify the animal's name and its owner's full name;
    3. Medical diagnosis;
    4. Current state of the disease;
    5. Amount to be collected: how much has currently been collected and how much is still required. It is recommended that this information is regularly reviewed;
    6. Main goal of the community: collecting money for medical care, for medicine (total amount to be collected), information support, search for volunteers etc.;
    7. Contacts for one of the ward's parents, if the ward is a child;
  • The city where the ward currently resides
  • Theme – Other
  • The group must be public
  • Group materials may be posted by group administrator and moderator only
  • Group administration information must be open to users of the social network
  • The group's profile picture must be a picture of the ward. Can be marked with a code or a shortened group name. Cannot include animations or links to other social networks.
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