Requirements for native ads

Article updated
  • Native ads should not contain obvious commercial information.
  • Native ads should not be disguised as news.
  • Native ads should be relevant to the main group content. Publications should match the overall group style.
  • Native ads materials should not violate the current legislation of the Russian Federation, Group Content Requirements and the License Agreement.
  • Native ads texts should not contain elements of viral advertising: surveys, requests like «Give Likes», «Share this post», «Join the group».
  • It is forbidden to add external links to native ads. Internal links should lead to the promoted object.
  • Statements and promises in native ads should be credible, and materials containing such statements/promises should contain confirming information (research/survey links, clinical studies with the date of conduction, as well as comparison/research criteria).
  • Native ads thematically tied to epidemics, epidemic consequences and massive cataclysms are forbidden.
  • Placement of advertising information and integrations in the beginning or at the end of publications, videos and audios is not allowed.
  • Suggestions to make a purchase or conduct other actions on the advertiser's website or in shops or invitations to events are forbidden.
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