Log out from other devices

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Logging out from other devices allows you to log out of your profile on another PC or device. Where do I find this button?
  1. Click "Settings" under your profile picture;
  2. in the menu to the left, select "Location history";
  3. scroll down the list, at the very bottom of the page you will find the "Log out on all devices" link;
  4. to perform this action, enter your password in the window that appears and click "Log out".
When is this useful?
  1. If you see unfamiliar locations in your "Location history".
  2. If you have logged in to your profile from another device and forgot to log out, or if you have lost your mobile device or phone.
  3. If your friends have noticed that you appear online on the website when you actually were not.
Your profile's security is OK!
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