Only group administrators or moderators on the website can prevent specific topics from being commented on. However, there is a way out:
  1. in ""Privacy settings"", you can prevent people who are not your friends from leaving comments in the ""Personal photos"" album. Just check the ""Only friends"" box next to the ""Comment on my personal photos"" line. Please note that this setting is applicable to one album only, which is called ""Personal photos"". But you can just upload the photos here that are not to be discussed with other people, and everything will be OK!
  2. Here you can also prevent your Forum entries from being commented on
  3. In ""Privacy settings"", you can make your photo albums and videos available only to your friends or certain categories of friends as well. Then only a restricted number of people will be able to view and comment on them.
  4. Finally, you can blacklist unwanted users, and they won't be able to view or comment on your information.
This is how you can restrict the discussion of your photos, posts or videos by making some changes to the settings.
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