A profile was hacked
  • How do I recover my password if my profile has been hacked?
    Follow this link to recover your password on your own.
    1. To find your profile chose something you clearly remember about your page from the offered options (telephone, mail, username, link to your profile or personal information);
    2. then enter the necessary information into the special field;
    3. make sure that the found profile is yours and request the recovery code using the ""Send the code"" button;
    4. now enter the code you received by telephone/mail into the special field and press the ""Confirm"" word;
    5. create and enter a new password to enter the website;
    6. confirm your choice pressing the ""Save"" button;
    7. After your password was recovered you should read this article to provide for your profile's security.
    If you failed to restore your password by the above link, contact the Customer Support Team. To do that, click here and enter all the necessary information in the corresponding fields. The Customer Support Team will be happy to help you!
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    Article updated on 29.12.2016
  • How do I protect my profile against hacking?
    Follow these recommendations to secure your OK.RU account:
    • never click an unknown or suspicious link, even if your friend sent it. Before following a link, make sure that it was actually sent by your friend and not a hacker! Your friend's profile might be compromised and hackers could be spamming from that profile;
    • check the addresses of the links from received messages. Our address always includes the domain ok.ru;
    • check your computer for viruses on a regular basis (at least once a week). Update your antivirus software regularly;
    • use a fast but safe web browser;
    • don't store your password for easy log in;
    • enter your Odnoklassniki username and password only on ok.ru;
    • don't share your username and password, even with people you trust most. Your passwords should be known only to you;
    • keep your username and password in a safe place. Don't use your e-mail to store important information. If hackers gain access to your e-mail, they gain access to all your registration information;
    • change your profile password regularly. Use a complex combination of letters and numbers as your password;
    • provide your phone number during OK.RU registration. If your profile has been hacked, you can easily restore access to your account yourself;
    • try to log in only from your own PC/phone/tablet;
    • when leaving our website, don't simply close the tab in your browser: always log out using the "Log out" button.
    You can find a helpful video on how to safeguard your page here: By following just some of these simple rules, you can secure your profile from hackers.
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    Article updated on 05.04.2016
  • What is Two Factor Authentication? How do I enable it?
    Our specialists put a lot of effort into making OK even better, safer and more convenient. And already some users can access a new function – Two Factor Authentication. What is Two Factor Authentication? It is another way to protect your profile. If you enable this function, to log in to your profile you'll need not just a password but also a special single-use code that is sent to your mobile phone. How do I enable Two Factor Authentication?
    • Click the ""Settings"" button under your profile picture
    • Then go to the ""General"" tab in the left menu
    • Select ""Two Factor Authentication"" from the settings list
    • Move the pointer to the word ""Disabled"" and click the orange ""Enable"" button that appears
    • Read the short instruction and confirm your selection
    Now when you sign in to OK, you'll need to enter your password and a single-use code. Please note that you will need to enter a code only if you have signed out of your profile, and not just closed the browser. See, it's very simple, and at the same time it ensures the safety of your profile!
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    Article updated on 28.05.2017
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