How do I recover my profile password?

Article updated 06.06.2017
Follow this link to recover your password on your own.
  1. To find your profile, choose something you clearly remember about your page from the options offered (telephone, mail, username, profile link or personal information);
  2. then enter the necessary information into the relevant field;
  3. make sure that the profile in the search results actually belongs to you and request the recovery code using the "Send Code" button;
  4. now enter the code you have received by phone/e-mail in the relevant field and click "Confirm";
  5. create and enter a new password for logging in to the website;
  6. confirm your choice by clicking "Save".
If you are unable to recover your password by following the link above, please contact the Customer Support Team. To do that, click here and enter all the necessary information in the corresponding fields. The Customer Support Team will be happy to help you!
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