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город любви
20 years, Moscow, Russia
Город Любви
22 years, Moscow, Russia
город любви
52 years, Bangkok, Thailand
Город Любви ))))))
36 years, g. Zeya (Amurskaya oblast′), Russia
ГоРоД ЛюБвИ и СпОрТа
116 years, Kyzyl-Kyya (Kyzyl-Kiya), Kyrgyzstan
28 years, екатеринбург, Tajikistan
Gorod Lyubvi
30 years, Fergana, Uzbekistan
gorod lyubvi
32 years, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
gorod lyubvi
28 years, Spitak, Armenia
Gorod Lyubvi
42 years, Boliviya, Bosnia and Herzegovina