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Russian Time There are two questions that you might hear people use when asking about time: 📌 Который час? - Katoryi chas? - What time is it? 📌 Сколько сейчас времени? -v Skol’ka sichas vremeni? - What time is it now? The first question literally means “which hour is it now?” In reply to it people might give you an approximate time, like “it is the first hour” – which is the time between 12 and 1 o'clock. If you would like to know the exact time, use the second question or a slightly more fo
Character vocabulary активный - active амбициозный, целеустремленный - ambitious, high-flying безумный - reckless беспечный - light-hearted, easygoing бешеный - furious волевой - strong-willed ворчливый - grumbling гордый - proud гуманный - humane добрый - kind жадный - greedy желчный - acrimonious жестокий - cruel завистливый - envious замкнутый - unsociable заносчивый, высокомерный - arrogant злой - angry идеальный - ideal, perfect капризный - capricious,
Russian names can be confusing to English speakers. For example, you may know your friend's name is Alexandra, but her friends call her “Sasha,” and her mother calls her “Sashenka.” 😉 Russian Nicknames and Diminutives Did you know that Vova and Vladimir is the same person? How about Sasha and Alexandra? They are the same person, too. Russian first names are often shortened to a short form or a diminutive. Sometimes these names sound nothing like the names from which they were derived. A woma
Russian reading rules 📚 You can start out by learning reading rules: ❗The palatalization of consonants: Most Russian consonants form a palatalized, or soft, sound when they come before letters е, ё, и, ю, я and ь. For a complete reference to what sounds form these soft sounds when accompanied by vowels, view this phonetics resource. ❗Voiced and unvoiced consonants: Russian, similar to all other languages, has consonants that are voiced and unvoiced. When your vocal cords vibrate upon pronu
Why Use Cartoons to Learn Russian? Through the power of cartoons, the most adorable form of entertainment, you can improve your Russian skills while still gasping at the sheer cuteness. 📽 “Чебурашка” (Cheburashka) “Cheburashka” is the name of the adorable character who starred in several animated films (including “Gena the Crocodile,” “Cheburashka” and “Shapoklyak”) Cheburashka is a bit of an oddball. Described as an “animal unknown to science,” he looks like a sort of cross between a bear a
A little test for you: 📌 Генри говорит по русски..... 1. хорошо 2. хороший 3. хорошее 📌 Лето в Минске бывает ... погода. 1. жаркий 2. жаркая 3. жарко 📌 Я очень люблю балет, ... мой друг любит футбол. 1. и 2. а 3. но 📌 Дети любят гулять в ... . 1. лес 2. лесе 3. лесу 📌 Студенты должны ... в университет каждый день. 1. ходить 2. идти 3. ходят 📌 Это сестра ... . 1. Антон 2. Антона 3. Антону 📌 Летом мы часто ... в деревню. 1. ездим 2. ходить 3. едем 📌 Я не люблю писать ... . 1. с кар
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