Tengiz TevdoradzeGeorgian heavy weight British Champion ZT Fight Night THE TOURNAMENT Date: Sat 30th Jan 2010, 6:30pm - 11:30pm Venue: Hove Town Hall BN3 4AH Details: ZT Fight Night THE TOURNAMENT has now been moved from HMV Forum- London back to our home town of Hove- Brighton. This event is an 8 man heavy weight MMA tournament of which the winner will take away £10,000! This is going to be the biggest thing to hit the UK since the UFC.. an event not to be missed! BILETEBIS SHEZENA SH #новости
Как вы считаете ..достойная оплата ? ГОЛОСУЙТЕ
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Delaem CAR strahovki na 1 denj (24 chasa), cena 50 funtov. Skype - live:deasigurare ili whatsapp/viber - 07542 400 994
Jura Sps
12 Feb
Deshovaja car/VAN strahovka v UK. Ne rabotaem s poddelnimi NCB, prelogaem comprehensive strahovku!!! Skype - live:deasigurare ili whatsapp/viber - 07542400994
Katja Katjuwa
18 Nov 2018
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