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ahmet vural
yesterday 22:33
Alt girl is one of the best songs that Bryce Savage dropped, the original song is still not available in YouTube he only shared it on Spotify, so I thought to make a lyric video of it too and here it is 🤝 enjoy
I'm going to talk about myself a lil bit alright? I'm Artur and I've started my English journey 2 years ago from knowing 0 knowledge to speaking native speakers casually and it's all because of watching too much movies and lyric videos and sooner I've realized that I didn't need to watch those any longer because I've improved a lot but you know it was fun and easy for me to do. And here I am trying to manage a recently created lyric channel 🤦‍♂ oh well Thanks a lot for your attention
Learn English by watching music lyric videos
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