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Zema Zema
35 years, Nalchik, Russia
zema zema
59 years, Baku, Azerbaijan
Zema Zema
107 years, s. Vol′no-Nadezhdinskoye (Nadezhdinskiy rayon), Russia
Zema Zema
52 years, Moscow, Russia
53 years, g. Neftekumsk (Neftekumskiy rayon), Russia
zema zema
38 years, Ulyanovsk, Russia
Zema M
Baku, Azerbaijan
Ольга (Zema)
35 years, g. Kirzhach (Kirzhachskiy rayon), Russia
Zema Baxıcı
52 years, Baku, Azerbaijan
Zema Genceli
67 years, Baku, Azerbaijan
zema  Aliyeva
60 years, Туркменбаши, Turkmenistan
Zema Stef
34 years, The Hague, Netherlands
Zema Tibilova
116 years, Рио-де-Жанейро, USA
zema qasanova
52 years, Istanbul, Azerbaijan
59 years, Berlin, Germany