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The statue of the martyr Qassem Suleiman on the Israeli border, Maroun Parkتمثال الشهيد قاسم سليمان ع الحدود الاسرائيلية بحديقة مارون
One comes to you with his well-being and he forgets the blessings of God be upon him and forsake the prayer .. And God will grant him shamanity .. If God is equal to you the soul of this person Jean formed .. This is completely handicapped and deactivated and his hearing is light and all of it comes but God and the greatest ears are praying to God my blessings bless him wellيجيك واحد بعافيته وناسي نعمت الله عليه وتارك الصلاة ..ويكول الله شمنطيني .. لو الله مسويك نفس هذا الشخص جان شكلت .. هذا معو