8 Oct 2019
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Bookingcom hotel reservation system - review I’ll talk about ways to save when booking through BOOKING. Hello to all travelers and more! My name is Katya and my husband is Genius. He has a 15% discount on booking website. He booked a lot at the booking and now most of the rooms for him are cheaper than others. Today I will tell you about booking through the booking site. About how we usually book rooms for ourselves. First, before booking, you need to register, attach working mail to the booking (it is important that you have easy, easy access to it) and create a password. If you lose your password, it can be easily restored. But I advise you to drive in a password that you will definitely remember. Suddenly, you urgently need access to your account (at the airport, at the hotel). I constantly forget the password and therefore I decided to write it down on a piece of paper. Password recovery is very dreary, especially if the Internet is weak. I have a booking booking application on my phone, which also makes my life easier on the trip. After entering the site in the search line, you need to drive in the place of your future trip, dates, number of people in the room, click on the find button. If you wish, it is possible to arrange the filter for breakfast, a pool, limit the cost of the room (for example, show up to 50 dollars per night), the number of stars, rating by reviews. Based on my experience, I’ll say that the rating based on reviews should be above 7.0, if lower, then I won’t like it for sure. And, of course, look at the reviews themselves, what the guests write and the number of reviews based on which the rating was accepted. There should be many reviews, more than 50-100, and the rating is 7.0 and higher. When the number is selected, you need to drive in your bank card number and indicate details, such as the name, to whom you are booking the number. To book hotel rooms, I advise you to use cards with a limited money limit. There are free cards on which you can put exactly the amount that is required for booking. Believe me, you will be calmer. When choosing a room, pay attention to the presence of a toilet and shower in the room and hot water. If in doubt, it is better to choose another option. I had once that the shower turned out to be shared outside the room, although the price of the room was very decent. I also prefer to have breakfast at the hotel. Looking for a hungry cafe in the morning to have breakfast seems to me a less attractive prospect than having breakfast at the hotel. Moreover, for some reason, it is very expensive on the street in restaurants compared to breakfast included in the price of the room. Book a room as early as possible. The earlier you book, the better the number you will get. All the best is quickly taken apart. If you are still late and all the good things sorted out, then I advise you to look at agoda and Airbnb. On Airbnb, if you are not registered and register here, there will be a discount of 2100 rubles. If you are lucky and have booked a room, you will receive confirmation of booking availability by mail after booking. I highly recommend printing this reservation, as often even in the best hotels you need a reservation number and your passport can’t always find a reservation. In addition, you can choose a room with a free cancellation, then you don’t have to worry if the plans change. It is worth considering that upon arrival at the airport you may be asked to show your reservation at the hotel. And on the plane, filling out a migration card, you have to enter the name of the hotel and its address. Upon arrival at the hotel, depending on whether the room has already been paid or not, you will be settled immediately or after payment. In rare cases, payment occurs after eviction. Keep all receipts, ask for receipts. In case of disputes, they may be needed. Many hotels can settle for free much earlier than the estimated time, subject to availability. In addition to China, they will settle there, but they will require payment + 1 night, be careful. Also, when checking in, require the room to be as in the photographs when booking. Sometimes hoteliers go to different tricks. They can give a number much cheaper and worse than you paid. If you have any questions, you can always contact the specialists by e-mail or by phone. Feel free to write to them. In 90% of cases, a controversial situation can be resolved. When traveling in Asia, I noticed that the prices of rooms on booking are much cheaper than the prices that we were told at the hotel when we asked. What is the reason for this is not clear. But the fact remains. If you just come and ask for a room, then the price for it will be called higher than on the booking site. In such cases, I advise you to connect to WiFi and book a room "without leaving the cash desk." I wish you all a good rest. #bookingcom #booking
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