KOKKO Guitar Pedal Power Supply Compact 10ways Out 7ways 9V100ma DC 9V/12V/18V Safety Voltage Protection(EU Plug)

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Switch for LED lights:Turn the switch towards those LED lights,normally all lights would go on after the power is connected.
If you don't want all LED lights,please turn the switch back. The front panel of this unit has 10 high-brightness LED lights working as indicators,as well as lighting for pedal board.
DC 18V INPUT:Please plug in the output of power adapter here,and do not use adapter from elsewhere
OUTPUT 1-6:All DC 9v power output with the maxinmum volume of 100mA,are suitable for ordinary analog effectors. Under the circumstances of all LED lights on,instantaneous overcurrent in certain output would lead to the corresponding LED light's flash and the currents of this channellimit to 100mA. That is to say,output 1-6 might not be able to work properly if the connected digital effectors are of larger power consumption,then you need to use output 7-8.
OUTPUT 7-8:Also DC 9V Power output with maximum volume of 500mA, is suitable for digital effectors and DC 9V low-...
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