SNAIL Single Tooth Narrow Wide Bike MTB Chainring 104BCD black 36T

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Delivery:November 13 – December 13
1.Material made from 7075 aluminium alloy.
2.Suitable for bicycle crank in 104BCD specification.
3.Use thick, thin tooth design, reduce the rate of the off chain, has good fatigue strength and workability of 7075 aluminum alloy materials for processing
4. Do not need to install the chain guide, also not worry about the off chain, suitable for XC - AM model modified single plate.
Color: Black
Material: 7075 aluminium alloy
Size: 36T
BCD: 104mm
1. Installation, plus or minus tooth separately and chain corresponding to the width on the location, tooth corresponding chain is a wide, narrow tooth corresponding negative chain.
2. Chains do not use too long because more than service life will be stretched a lot, so easy to use on the single speed will increase the risk of falling chain.
3. Any brand of single speed discs will not promise and guarantee not to drop chain, especially without adding Leading chain device. Therefore, equipped wit...
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