1 pair Elastic Easy Mounting Shoe laces Lock laces coach run sport maraton, Red

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Elasticated shoelaces.
Ideal for sportsmen, children, medical staff, special needs, busy parents and boaters, apply shoes, sneakers shoes, basketball shoes ect to paddle.
It can also be used as a pearl necklace or rope bracelets.
Heavy-duty bungee is elastic with keeping your lifestyle busy.
You should not join shoes every day, hold the spring buckles and pull the laces.
Color: red
Material: Polyester
Resolution length: 1.1 M (each string is 1.1 meters)
The strands of double elasticity, length 1.5 m, stretched length can reach about 2.2 m, a diameter of 3 mm.
2-hole lock line (dimensions x length): Approx 3 x 25 mm / 0.12 x 1 inches
Safety pin (L x W): Approximately 25.4 x 1.5 cm / 10 x 0.6 inches
How to use:
Put the spikes in your shoes
With the thumb and index finger 2 canvas bore holes in the top and bottom, press the locking cable lock 2 hole
Then take the track paste the hole in the center of the shoe with the cable fasten...
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