USB memory 32GB hugerstone iphone flash drive 3in1 memory high speed data transfer Lightning OTG iphoneoneoneandroid variable PC compatible IOS11 capacity insufficient eliminates single

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DeliveryApril 16 - May 16
[3in1 Brush Drive] This USB memory is a 3in1 brush drive. USB/iphone Lightning/Micro USB is compatible with all iphone, Windows PC, Micro USB Android equipment.
You can freely share photos, videos, and other files between each model. [Eliminate capacity shortage] The savior of the IPhone/Android mobile capacity shortage! This brush drive solves the missing capacity! With Micro USB/USB/Lightning, you can freely exchange data between your PC and iOS and Android devices!
You can save your favorite images, videos and much more. High-speed data transfer: Read and write speeds on iOS devices are 35MB/s and 15MB/s, each with a maximum of 80MB/s and 35MB/s on the PC.
You can use it in a special application immediately (download from the App store when you connect first, or search by Y-disk). [Safe and convenient] file encryption support: You can specify your own passcode to protect your photos and videos, and you can lock your files. It is smaller than the key and carry anywhere.
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