4Pcs Collapsible Support Frame Self-Locking Hinge Table Leg Fittings And Gussets - For Folding Legs Folding Workbench Folding Desktop Expansion In The Kitchen

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BIG IDEAS FOR SMALL SPACES - support bracket is perfect for where limitations and/or flexibility in space are critical, such as kitchen, laundry room, retail/grocery stores, RV, boat, warehouses, industrial, garages, maintenance storage, office/residential storage). Apply them to table legs or surface for folding legs of DIY table or bed, folding workbench project, fold down desk extension etc.
EASILY FOLD AND SELF-LOCK -For added security, these brackets feature spring-activated "positive lock" that assures stability by locking in the open position(*Please notice that it won't lock in close position). When the table or working surface are not in use, just press the latch and fold down for more rooms.
LOADING RATE -225kg(500lbs.)/pair. These load limits are intended to be used as general guidelines only, and no warranty-expressed or implied. These brackets works better when applied on furniture legs or narrow and simple working surfaces. Wider spacing without supporting of l...
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