SL-60 LED Super Bright Waterproof Solar Powered PIR Motion Detector Door Wall Lamp

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During the day the solar charge panel converts sunlight into electricity recharging the batter. Using this stored energy the LED lights turn on automatically at night when motion is detected
This light will on for 4 seconds - 3 minutes ( adjustable ) at a time once the motion is detected
The lamp can be installed within 16 feet cable length of your chosen solar panel location
You can adjust the angle of the solar panel by moving the adjustment on the solar panel to a different locking position
Auto: When the switch is in the Auto position the 60 LED light will turn on automatically at night once motion is detected
ON: When the switch is in the On position the light will remain on and can be used as a regular light
Off: When the switch is in the Off position the light will remain off and will not detect any movement
Detection Distance: 2m - 12m ( adjustable )
Detection Range: 180 degrees
\"SENS\": Controls the sensitivity of motion sensor<...
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