New Photon Therapy RF EMS Microvibration Beauty Machine Wrinkle Removal Face Lifting US Plug Skin Care Device Skin Care Device

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This skin care massager with features LED therapy, micro-vibration massage, EMS and RF wave skin care in one set. One machine can solve all skin problems.
1. Made of top-quality ABS material, odorless, durable and environment friendly.
2. Adopts advanced RF wave technology which specialized in face care with painless and no trauma.
3. It transmits RF wave into dermis layer and increasing temperature for SMAS layer to stimulate fibroblast and rebuild collagen to tighten your skin.
4. EMS technology is a strong muscle stimulation technology, through the stimulation of electric current muscle movement to achieve the effect of tight lifting.
5. Cool mode, quickly cool skin, tighten pores, better lock moisture and skin care essence.
6.Photon therapy: 3 kinds of LED light for solving different skin problems. Red LED focus on activating skin cells; Blue LED focus on inflammation; Green LED focus on repairing skin.
7. Portable handled devices, suita...
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