New Idle Air Control Valve IAC Valve for Dodge Jeep 53030840

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When a trouble code scan is performed it sometimes won't always detect a failed or weak idle air control motor.
Know about the Idle Air Control Valve (IAC): How does the IAC works?
An IAC (idle air control) motor is designed to adjust the engine idle RPM speed by opening and closing an air bypass passage inside the throttle body.
The cars computer or PCM (powertrain control module) receives information from various sensors and will output signals to adjust the idle air control motor in or out to adjust engine idle speed by controlling engine idle air.
An idle air control motor can fail one of two ways, either the motor short circuits and stops working or the motor will develop high resistance and cause the idle air control motor to react slowly, either failure can cause the engine to stall at idle.
Common Problems:
An idle air control motor is highly susceptible to carbon and coking build up; if an idle air control goes too long without cleaning it can cau...
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