USB Dual Intelligent Automatic Electric Breast Pump Suction Breast Pump for Baby Feeding

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Calm design and do not disturb your baby. Intelligent automatic pump unique electric milk, comfort and convenient, best for busy moms.
current rating: 400MA
capacity of the bottle: 150 ml * 2
Power supply: USB cable (adapter, computer power bank)
1. Prevent the opposite
2. adjustable suction power
3. massage function
4. weak voice
5. BPA free and fabric softener free
Wash hands before milking with a breast pump or handling breast milk
The breast pump warms the chest with a hot towel before milking to stimulate the areola
Milking with the pressure that's right for you When the breasts or nipples feel pain, you should stop milking
Just squeeze the milk for eight minutes (no more than 20 minutes)
Use containers with a lid when storing breast milk
Clean breast milk that has been chilled for more than 72 hours (3 days)
Do not put chilled breast milk with fresh breast milk
Thaw refrigerated breast milk or connect ...
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