1 Set Metal Cutting Double Head Sheet Nibbler Saw Cutter Tool Sets Drill Attachment Cutting Tools Accessories

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The new double-headed veneer cutter is a product that has undergone several improvements; It is a cutting tool powered by electric and pneumatic drills; It can cut metal sheets up to 2 mm (including steel, copper, aluminum, stainless steel board);When cutting a blunt cut for the other end to continue cutting, regardless of cutting cheeks or surfaces, can easily cut out a variety of straight lines, curves, arcs or other irregular lines and shapes.
When coupled with thin plate hole cutter can cut 55 mm -260 mm standard round hole;This product is light weight, small size, easy to operate and other characteristics, is an Perfect tool for auto repair, sheet metal production and new product development.
Cut a good helper; As long as with a drill you can freely cut any thin metal, any shape.
Operation requirements and replacement parts: knife blade diligent refueling, especially cutting aluminum is particularly important;first electric drill, after cutting, the end of the exit ...
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