Blue 10pcs Maternal Infant Newborn Health Safety Thermometer Nail Clipper Hairbrush Baby Beauty Set Nursing Drug Absorption Nasal Nose Care

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DeliveryNovember 4 - December 4
Safety scissors; round head design for baby scissors is not only sharp but also very safe, mini nail clippers; designed for baby's little fingernails and nail file; pruning easy to leave burrs, need to modify the corners to prevent scratches, tweezers; Use the round tweezers to remove the baby's nasal mucosa to make the baby's nose smoother and breathe naturally. Nasal suction device is round and smooth, which is safe and soft to protect the baby's nasal cavity and the eyedropper.. Quantitative and accurate medication, brush comb, Brushed soft comb brush health and safety, finger toothbrush; bristles soft, effective cleaning teeth gums.
Name: 10 sets of baby care
Color: Blue
material: plastic
Weight: 300g
Size: 20x15x4cm
Environmentally friendly materials; 10-in-one baby suit humane care; Designed for the baby; Simple and safe to use; Carefully protect the baby's healthy growth..
1x safety scissors
1x mini n...
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