MD6250 Underground Treasure Hunter Underground Gold Detector Practical Metal Treasure

Color:yellow & black
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Probe: Newly equipped which can expand the detection range of the instrument
Recognition ability: can distinguish gold, silver, copper, iron, etc. in a single item
Sound recognition ability: gold, silver, copper, iron alarm sound can be completely distinguished
High sensitivity: Increases detection sensitivity and increases the depth of detection of the machine
Positioning: Quickly locate the exact location of the underground metal
Receive/Reject: The single-selection detection can be performed by the identification button. For example, if you select gold, the instrument only alerts the gold.
Coin depth display: There is a depth on the right side of the main unit that shows small metal
Battery status display: can display the existing power of the power supply
Positioning button: Accurately position the metal
Five detection modes: You can select the default detection mode or customize the detection mode.
Jewelry mode (you can remove iron and fi...
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