Fortuna 4 Pin Metal Male Female Panel Connector 16mm GX16-4 Silver Aviation Plug of 10 pcs

Color:silver & black
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Widely used in aviation, navigation and other sealed electronic equipment data acquisition systems, inclinometers, computer automation measurement and control systems, mechanical equipment, audio and video, communications, automotive and other industries.
It is mainly used for electrical connection between cables. Watertight, sealed and true electronic connector for large devices.
Product Name: Aviation Connector Plug;
Model: 16-4;
Type: Male Female Plug;
Contacts Pin Number: 4
Rated: 125V/5A;
Working Voltage: AC 200V;
Withstand Voltage: AC 1500V
Total Size: 4.7 x 1.9cm/ 1.8 inch x 0.7 inch (Lx Max.W);
Rated current voltage: AC 125V
Maximum current voltage: 250V
Jack diameter: 16 mm
Relative humidity: up to 98% at + 40 Celsius
Atmospheric pressure: up to 4.4 kPa (thousand Pascals)
Vibration frequency: 10~100Hz, acceleration 100m/s square
Centrifugal: Acceleration: 250m/s square
The type of packaging used: Use cable ...
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