Orthopedic flat foot arch orthopedic insole foot orthotics - Arch Support Insoles -Relieve Foot Pain, Back Pain, Hip Pain, Leg Pain, Knee Pain M=35-37 16.6cm

Color:Transparent& Silver
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Material: Silicone gel
Color: Transparent & Silver
Size: M=16.6cm
Suitable for shoes: casual shoes
Insole category: half insole
According to the foot code to choose a suitable correction pad, the shoes do not require more than 4CM heel, forefoot adequate dimensions, can not be squeezed, adhere to wear 2-8 hours a day, the longer the better. Insole left and right feet (LEFT: left, RIGHT right) can be directly into the shoes.
1, some of the shoes and sports shoes are built-in arch support and additional filling and insole, foot orthopedic pads to these built-in arch support. To receive the correct result from the foot orthopedic pad, remove the built-in support and all extra padding and insole.
2, using the orthotic pad may take up to 2-3 weeks to adapt
Package Contents:
1 pair of X left foot sockliner
6 X sub mat
1 X specification
1. Product material: nano silver composites, direct cont...
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