Stainless Steel Ruler 12 Inch + 6 Inch Metal Rulers

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Easy to Use: The set includes 1 piece of 12 inch (30cm) ruler and 1 piece of 6 inch (15cm) ruler. For easy measurements there etches on either surface of the rulers two rows of graduations on the upper and the lower side.
Precise Metric and Imperial Graduations: On both the 12 inch and 6 inch metal rulers the graduations are accurately etched in inches on one surface and centimeters on the other. Graduation of inch is marked by every 1/20 inch and 1/32 inch for the first 2.5/3 inches; then marked by every 1/10 inch and 1/16 inch.
Good Quality: The rulers are made of industry grade stainless steel to prevent rust and corrosion. The graduations are itched for long duration.
Widely Used: The rulers are commonly used for marking and measuring. They are a must have for carpenters, architects,engineers,drywallers, DIYers, students, teachers, office workers and more.
This stainless steel rule set includes one 12 Inch and one 6 Inch ruler to use in different environments. St...
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