Best Choice DF-6 110V Enameled Wire Stripping Machine Varnished Wire Stripper Enameled Copper Wire Stripper Cleans the enamel wire perfectly US Plug

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Third, the structural composition:1. The hand-held electric scraper is composed of an electronic stepless regulator and a single-phase series motor and a scraping blade. It adopts a light and durable micro-drag switch and a spinning carbon brush. It has the characteristics of fast painting speed, high efficiency, simple operation, simple installation and stable quality, low failure rate, high production efficiency and novel design.
2. The fixed electric squeegee consists of two parts: electric power components (single-phase and series-excited motor) and scraping knives and governors.Fourth, the operation method: 1. Insert the enamelled wire head to be painted into the center of the tool holder, press the power start switch (handheld) or the foot speed governor (fixed type), and the motor will rotate.
2. Move the enameled wire in the opposite direction of the axial direction until the end of the enameled wire, then the film can be scraped off. 3. Release the power button swit...
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