3D Square 8x8x8 LED Blue Light Square MP3 Music Spectrum PCB Board DIY Kit

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Delivery:November 6 – December 6
This kit is composed of a circuit board and component parts, you need to welding it by yourself,you need to have some knowledge of electronics and ability,beside,eed a lot of soldering, you should have enough patience.
512 LED lights to form a three-dimensional square space, built-in MP3 music function,accompanied by music rhythm to jump, show a brilliant effect.
PCB using RF - 4 A grade board, LED the spacing between 20 mm. Built-in 3W amplifier + 3W high-quality speaker; Built-in MP3 music, the volume can be adjusted; Built-in music can be controlled by a button on the next song
Built-in 42 kinds of off-line stunning animation (plug in the electricity can run animation); Built-in 14 kinds of offline dynamic audio animation (dance with music); Can be inserted TF memory card to play musicl; Can be inserted U disk to play music Through the audio line input and output music
3D8 on the machine mode (control animation); 3D8 on the machine music mode* Infrared remote cont...
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