10pcs 30MM Length Extruder 1.75mm Throat Tube and 10pcs Brass Extruder Nozzle Print Heads And 10pcs Aluminum Heater Block Extruder Kit for MK8 M6 Makerbot Reprap 3D Printer Good

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Delivery:November 14 – December 14
Compatible with all 1.75mm PLA ABS 3D printer, works with Anet A8.
Extruder Tube:
Type: Extruder Nozzle Print Head
Compatibility: 3D Printer
Suitable for Makerbot printer
colour: gold,silver
Material: brass,Stainless Steel,aluminum
size: Outer Thread: M6
Nozzle Throat Outer Diameter: 7mm
Nozzle Throat Inner Diameter: 4mm
Teflon Pipe Inner Diameter: 2mm
Length: 30mm
Filament Diameter: 1.75mm
Extruder Nozzle:
Size: 5*13mm
Input Diameter: 1.75mm
Output Diameter: 0.2/0.3/0.4/0.5mm
Aluminum Heater Block:
Dimensions: 20*20*10mm(L*W*H)
Net Weight: 6g/pcs
Inner hole for install screw: M6 and M3 (heat pipe and thermocouple)
Heater Mounting Hole: 6mm diameter
Thermocouple Mounting Holes diameter: 3mm
Package Contents:
10 x 3D Printer 30mm length 1.75mm Nozzle Inputting Tube( for MK8 Makerbot Reprap Prusa I3 3D Printer)
10 x 3D Printer Extruder Brass Nozzle Print Head(0.2mm*2+0.3mm*2+0.4mm*4...
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