3pcs Hydrometer Accurate Alcohol Meter Tester+Thermometer Gadget Set, BLUE

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Designed as a professional alcohol measurement tool
Mainly used for white wine meter measurement
Convenient to store and carry with portable case
The scale on the hydrometer reads from 0 to 100 degrees of alcohol
A 0-50 degree thermometer is included
The amount of alcohol concentration was measured only at standard temperature ( 20 Deg.C ) is the actual concentration of alcohol
However, in practice the temperature of alcohol are not standard temperature 20 Deg.C, so you need to nonstandard temperature measured alcohol concentration conversion to standard temperature in degrees is obtained the actual concentration of alcohol
Conversion table is prepared for this purpose
The scope of application of the surface temperature 0 - + 40 Deg.C
Please note:
This set is mainly used for white wine meter measurement, distilled wine can not be measured
Alcohol meter must be cleaned and dry before...
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