Which violations may result in my OK.RU profile being blocked?

The profile can be blocked for certain violations. In this article, we will cover the most common reasons of blocking for violation of the site's rules.

Your profile can be blocked for the following violations:

  • collecting personal information about other users;
  • knowingly providing false or fictitious information about yourself;
  • numerous and systematic insults towards other users using strong and obscene language;
  • inciting social, racial, national, or religious hatred;
  • posting pornographic content, as well as links to Internet sites with such content;
  • sending spam;
  • registration of multiple accounts by the same person;
  • posting information about topics and activities related to occultism on the site;
  • accessing other users' profiles without authorization.

You can find a full list of forbidden actions in the License Agreement. Please note that this does not mean that every user that has been reported is going to be blocked. The final decision is made by the administration of the site.

If you still have questions about your profile being blocked, please contact our Customer Support Team. We will do our best to help you.

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